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Civil Registry - Endorsement of registry records to Civil Registrar-General


As a rule, all civil registrars submit civil registry documents to the Office of the Civil Registrar-General (OCRG) through their respective National Statistics Office (NSO) provincial offices.
There are instances when the NSO National Office cannot issue pertinent documents to interested parties because records are not available in its archives; or the provincial office is still processing the requested documents. To facilitate the issuance of requested documents, the concerned Provincial Statistics Officer (PSO) or Civil Registrar is required to submit or endorse the needed documents to the NSO.

1. Submit Request for Verification
Submit the request for an endorsement of your record to the National Statistics Office (NSO), to the Civil Registrar’s Office (CRO) Staff. Present the NSO negative result certification; w/c should be issued within the past six (6) months. The requested record will then be verified through a computer database search. A manual search will be done at the failure of a computer search. If this, too, fails, the client will be advised to apply for late registration. Otherwise, client will return to CRO staff for endorsement.

NSO negative result certification

2. Payment of Fees
Proceed to the City Treasurer’s Office for the payment of requisite fees.
3. Preparation of Endorsement
CRO staff prepares the endorsement letter to NSO and the true copy of the document.
4. Review and Approval
City Civil Registrar reviews and signs the document.
5. Release of Documents
Secure a copy of the true copy of the NSO endorsement letter. Mail the documents to the NSO in Quezon City; follow up the request after five (5) to seven (7) days.