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Alaminos delegation wins in RSPC

Ten students, eleven local school papers and a school adviser won recognitions in the recently concluded Regional School Press Conference (RSPC) held at Daniel Maramba National High School in Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan.


Four of the winning students are from the elementary level, according to Wilfredo Sindayen, education supervisor for English and head of the delegation, last Monday afternoon at the office of the city mayor.

The RSPC winners along with the champions in the Patimpalak sa Balagtasan sa Filipino were honored by Mayor Hernani A. Braganza for having brought another honor to the city and for achieving significant accomplishment for their school.

Each received the mayor's heartfelt congratulations for their winning effort and great accomplishment and later posed for a souvenir photo with the future journalists and artists at his office.


With them during the courtesy call were some school organ advisers and Lolita Cabatic, education supervisor for Filipino, who also guided Alaminos City Division (ACD) to the first regional award in the said Patimpalak sa Balagtasan held in San Fernando City La Union.

This year, our students excelled in four categories namely copy reading, photo journalism, editorial writing, and sports writing,” said Sindayen.


Leading the winners was Merry Ann Dalisay, sixth grader from Lucap Elementary School, who grabbed the first place in copy reading in Filipino, elementary division.


In editorial writing in English, John Lester Rabaya and Elvie Ngayawon, wound up second and third placer, respectively.

Rabaya is a fourth year student at the Great Plebeian College while, Ngayawon is also a senior student of the Alaminos City National High School (ACNHS).

Other winners in the individual contest, elementary division, were John Ernest Villanueva of Mary the Queen Educational Foundation (MQEF), who settled for fourth place in the photo journalism (English); Angela Castillo (Polo Elementary School), 6th placer in editorial writing (Filipino) and Lady Mae Salvetera (Alos Elementary School), 7th placer in sports writing (Filipino).


In the secondary level, the national qualifiers were: Jeanine De Prise Villanueva (MQEF), 5th place in copy reading (English); Glen Amenamen (Collegio San Jose de Alaminos) (CSJDA), 6th place in copy reading (English); Stephanie Jane Allida (CSJDA), 6th place sports writing (Filipino) and Mark Anthony Espiritu (San Vicente National High School), 6th place in editorial writing (Filipino).

Elnora Raroque, adviser of The Hundred Islands (THI) and Ang Sandaang Pulo(ASP) -the official school organ of ACNHS, was named as the 2008 Most Outstanding School Paper Adviser.

Raroque, also the coach the ACNHS’ campus journalists, steered the two school papers in reaping regional awards in eight categories in the group contest secondary division.

The Hundred Islands was adjudged as Best in Sports Page, Feature Page, Lay-out/Page Design and Editorial in Bracket B-English.

The Sandaang Pulo, the Filipino school paper, also bagged four awards namely the Pinakamahusay sa Pahinang Balita, Lathalain at Editoryal at Pinakamahusay sa Pag-aanyo in Bracket B-Filipino.

Also earning the nod of the jurors were: The Hillside Echo (Inerangan National High School) -Best in Feature Page (Bracket B-English); The Plebeian Torch (Great Plebeian College) -Best in Editorial Page (Bracket B-English); Ang Alingawngaw sa Tabing Bundok (Inerangan Elementary School) - Pinakamahusay sa Pahinang ditorial at Lathalain (Bracket B-Filipino); The Mind Movers (Amandiego Elementary School)- Best in Editorial Page (Bracket A-English); Ang Bukang Liwayway (San Vicente Elementary School)- Pinakamahusay sa Pag-aanyo (Bracket A-Filipino), Ang Tagahubog (Alaminos Central School)-Pinakamahusay sa Pahinang Lathalain (Bracket B-Filipino); Ang Kubling Tarangkahan (Tangcarang Elementary School)-Pinakamahusay sa Pahinang Sports at Lathalain (Bracket B-Filipino); Ang Balintataw (Alos Elementary School)-Pinakamahusay sa Pahinang Lathalain and Ang Lucan (Lucap Elementary School)-Pinakamahusay sa Pahinang Lathalain.

Sindayen said all the top three winners in the individual contests in the RSPC will represent the region in the National School Press Conference which will be held in Naga City from February 15-21, 2009.

“This is the 5th consecutive year that our city division has qualified to the na