Preparation for R1AA

Regional Director Dr. Alma Ruby C. Torio of the Department of Education (DepED)-Region I, formally announced that Alaminos City will be the venue of the 2018 Region 1 Athletic Association (R1AA) during the first joint stakeholders meeting held at the Alaminos City Conference Hall.

This city is still lacking of a modern track and field, swimming pools and other sports facilities. However, Mayor Celeste accepted the challenge to host the annual sporting event for the first time since it became an independent schools division in 2003...

History of Alaminos City

Alaminos City, known as the Home of the Hundred Islands, is a fifth class city located at the Province of Pangasinan with a total population of 85 025 (2010 Census) living in 39 barangays. A place with separated Islands yet still a city of united people with various ideas and culture and a single faith to the Lord. The history started from a mere settlement of adventurers, sprung the town of Alaminos.

The Northern Zambal Tribe were the first settlers of Alaminos that was once existed as barrio “Suyang” named after the leader of Zambals. It used to be a part of Bolinao, one of the nine towns of Zambales. Fishing was their main source of living since they are near the shoreline...

Daily Recap

Day 0 | Preparation

Day 1 | Opening Program

History of ACNHS

The ALAMINOS CITY NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL is the oldest public secondary school west of Lingayen, Pangasinan. The school dates back in 1945.

It started with a class of a handful of students that moved from one house to another in town. Later, it found a place on a 4.7 hectare track of land, a former seat of a military barracks. It was then carrying a name, Pangasinan West High School and in 1948 was renamed Alaminos High School. After settling on the land for more than a decade, the owners of the land claimed the land as the stipulation for cadre occupancy has expired...