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History of ACNHS

The ALAMINOS CITY NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL is the oldest public secondary school west of Lingayen, Pangasinan. The school dates back in 1945.

It started with a class of a handful of students that moved from one house to another in town. Later, it found a place on a 4.7 hectare track of land, a former seat of a military barracks. It was then carrying a name, Pangasinan West High School and in 1948 was renamed Alaminos High School. After settling on the land for more than a decade, the owners of the land claimed the land as the stipulation for cadre occupancy has expired. The school staff led by then Principal, Miss Fredesminda E. Sison assisted by then, Provincial Fiscal Rodolfo Reinoso Aquino went through years of court and personal negotiations in order to retain ownership of the land. Their struggles finally ended with retention of 4.7 hectares conveyed by owners, the late Don Eliseo Montemayor, Judge Pedro Reinoso and Don Eleuterio Reinoso.

As Alaminos High School continued its operation, it was posed with problems of lack of funds, lack of teachers, low teachers’ salaries, lack of classrooms, scarce school facilities and no provision of school supplies. This situation pushed the school administration make prospects of its nationalization. Mrs. Pacencia B. Conte, then Assistant Principal, with Miss Fredesminda Sison, Principal, supported by councilor Feliciano Bautista, with the Sangguniang Bayan, Mayor Leon M. Rivera, Jr. and Board Member Nicanor Montemayor, succeeded in forging its nationalization in 1978 with the graces of Hon. Jacobo Clave, Executive Secretary and Godfather in the school’s nationalization.

The conversion of Alaminos into a city necessitated change of name into Alaminos City National High School. The school now enjoys the prestige as the biggest national high school in Western Pangasinan. It offers regular high school curriculum and a Special Science Program. As of date, the Alaminos City National High School is a fully developed high school which progressed with the limited funds from the government. It augments the shortage from the national government on self-help. It went through odds practicing school based initiatives

It is dubbed biggest public secondary school in Western Pangasinan as it posts enrolment figure of 3,349.

It has a total of 121 Plantilla positions for teaching and non-teaching staff. Items are the following: 1 Principal IV, 6 Head Teacher III, 1 Head Teacher IV, 87 Teachers and 26 Non-Teaching Personnel. The 7 Head Teachers have their teaching load.

The Alaminos City National High School is located in an area outside the city’s central business district, along San Jose Drive, a road towards Lucap, the gateway to the famous Hundred Islands.