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History of Alaminos City

Alaminos City, known as the Home of the Hundred Islands, is a fifth class city located at the Province of Pangasinan with a total population of 85 025 (2010 Census) living in 39 barangays. A place with separated Islands yet still a city of united people with various ideas and culture and a single faith to the Lord. The history started from a mere settlement of adventurers, sprung the town of Alaminos.

The Northern Zambal Tribe were the first settlers of Alaminos that was once existed as barrio “Suyang” named after the leader of Zambals. It used to be a part of Bolinao, one of the nine towns of Zambales. Fishing was their main source of living since they are near the shoreline. It was a beautiful plain which offered a beautiful view of now known Hundred Islands and Cabaruyan or Anda Islands surrounded by enchanting forests interposed alternately in its verdant fields. In 1735, the Zambals built their very first church, convent and a tribunal house and St. Joseph became their Patron Saint.

In 1758, peace and harmony was broken due to dissension and disagreement among the inhabitants which was then governed by Don Antonio Nicolas. This led to the migration of some natives to another barrio together with Don Nicolas, although some disengaged their support to the latter and returned to Casborran town soon thereafter. This event prompted Don Antonio Nicolas to return to Pangasinan and engaged the service of a rebel group in San Carlos names “Palaris”. These rebels went to Casborran town, burned the whole town and looted all pocessions of the inhabitants. Later on the inhabitants came out from their hiding place and rebuilt the town again.

In 1872, under the leadership of Captain Domingo Montemayor, Sarapsap was renamed to Alaminos in honor of the then Governor-General of the Philippines, Lieutenant Governor-General Alaminos. In 2001, with the desire to be more progressive, a Republic Act 9025 known as “An Act Converting the Municipality of Alaminos, Province of Pangasinan into a Competent City to be known as the City of Alaminos” was passed in the congress and was signed on March 5, 2001.