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City Registrar`s Office

Handling, management and issuance of official records of the residents is a serious business of this office. It cooperates with the National Statistics Office by constantly updating registration documents, aiding demographic data needed for vital concerns like the national elections. Proper issuance of documents and certificates are made easier with this team’s continuing development of citizen-friendly processes.

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    To produce and preserve World Class Documents on vital events & other documents affecting the status of a person that occurred in the City of Alaminos.


 The City Civil Registrar shall ensure the implementation of the civil registration program of the Local Government of Alaminos, Pangasinan, pursuant to the civil registry law and civil code and other pertinent laws, rules and regulations issued to implement them.


    To serve our clientele with the highest degree of integrity, competence, hard work, sincerity, efficiency, courtesy and responsiveness.



1. To deliver front-line civil registry services, particularly in registering and issuing births, deaths and marriages and other registrable documents effectively and efficiently to all clientele in need.

2. To attain a ZERO UNREGISTERED BIRTH  & other vital events that occurred in the City of Alaminos.

3. To adopt and utilize on the emerging information technology (Digital Archiving).

4. To int

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City Offices