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Quality poultry and livestock bring quality livelihoods and a healthy populace, which means, good profit and productive workforce. The City Veterinary Office, headed by Dr. Ronaldo B. Abarra, and his staff, is empowered by the LGU code Sec. 489, to continually aim towards this goal. Vigilance and thoroughness are only a few of the most helpful weapons against any disease that threatens livestock and poultry. New information that will benefit the city in this regard is welcomed with an open and eager mind and is then utilized.

This diligence is extended especially to poultry and dairy products, exposed to public consumption.

Annual Investment Plan - 2012

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       The frontliner of all veterinary - related  prog-rams on the promotion and development  of  the  live-  stock and poultry  industry.


 The office of the City Veterinarian is the frontline of all veterinary-related activities whose function center on the promotion and development of the livestock and poultry industry in the city.


1. Formulate programs for the development and expansion of the livestock, poultry and dairy industries to meet the requirements of the growing populace.
2. Develop plans and strategies to take the necessary measures in the prevention, eradication and cure of all animal diseases.
3. Coordinate with various line of agencies and other departments of the city government in the implementation of its programs.
4. Regulate and inspect poultry, milk and dairy products for public consumption.
5. Advise the Mayor on all matters pertaining to the slaughter of animals and the regulation of slaughterhouse.
6. Enforce laws and regulations for the prevention of cruelty to animals.
7. Exercise other powers and performs other duties and functions as maybe prescribed by law or ordinance.


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