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Map of Hundred Islands

Extending about 1,844 hectares is the breathtaking gem of the City of Alaminos – the Hundred Islands National Park. You can rent a motorboat and leave the navigating to a friendly boatman who would spoil your eyes with the best of the 124 islands and islets while letting you in on the secrets and interesting folklore that surrounds them.

Want to go solo? Then, get a hold of this map and check out the sites that best suit your kind of fun through its comprehensive, navigator-friendly list of diving spots, mystic caves, and comfortable, laid-back getaways, and all assured to spoil you with impressive views. You can plot your island course at the shortest time, guided by the destination proximities and location distances, leaving plenty of hours of soaking in the sun and the sea, or having the time of your life with exploration and challenging island adventure.