Agri-Alaminos City

One of the major contributors towards economic development in the City of Alaminos, the Agriculture Sector continues to set standards aimed at attaining agricultural progress and sustainability. With it’s three major components namely: Crops, Fisheries and Livestock, local farmers and fisherfolk continuously acquire technical services through various programs and projects.

Likewise, agriculture remains to be the major industry, providing an efficient and effective venue not only for food sufficiency but also for technology demonstration, research and development and livelihood opportunities.


Currently, Programs for the Crops Sector are implemented with the objective of transforming farmers as adopters’ of science-based and eco-friendly farming practices. Among such, is the Rice Intensification Program which seeks to sustain rice production through promotion of modern Rice Farming Technologies which include the establishment of techno-demo sites, capability development trainings, regular provision of technical assistance thru farm visit and the conduct of Farmers’ Field School.


Alaminos City is endowed with a diverse coastal and marine resources needed to be managed properly, the very reason why the city implements the Integrated Coastal Resource Management Program. This aims to promote ecological balance of these God-given resources thru mangrove reforestation, fish sanctuary and marine protected area management, seagrass and coral reef protection, river management and enhancement, Marine Park and wildlife conservation for eco-tourism, water quality monitoring and enforcement of fishery regulation thru fishery registration and licensing system.


Alaminos City is known for its progressing economy, Hundred Islands National Park and the rich culture of its people. Its commitment towards development most especially in the tourism industry continuously brings reforms to the city’s local economy and to the lives of its people.