Alaminos City is endowed with a diverse coastal and marine resources needed to be managed properly, the very reason why the city implements the Integrated Coastal Resource Management Program. This aims to promote ecological balance of these God-given resources thru mangrove reforestation, fish sanctuary and marine protected area management, seagrass and coral reef protection, river management and enhancement, Marine Park and wildlife conservation for eco-tourism, water quality monitoring and enforcement of fishery regulation thru fishery registration and licensing system.
With the implementation of these programs, and strong support from the Local Chief Executive, the City consistently receives awards and recognition for its best practices.

Local Fisherfolk also receive assistance thru the Fishery Production and Livelihood Development Program. This provides resources-based and environment friendly supplemental livelihood for fisherfolk, with the integration of marine conservation and protection. The Fisheries Resource Management Council (FARMC) is regularly strengthened and capacitated to serve as advisory body in fisheries management.