Barangay Amangbangan

Land Area (in hectares.): 521.20
Population (as per NSO 2010) 1,153


Barangay Kagawads:
Evangelina T. Ramos
Renato P. Humilde
Genaro M. Arconcil
Rosita R. Humilde
Romel P. Rabago
Frumencio C. Catalan
Judyline C. Bantog

Barangay Secretary: Memor P. Tugade
Barangay Treasurer: Serafin B. Garcia

Its official name dates back to the time of the teniente del barrio (Barangay lieutenant).It was said to be named from a famous folktale about a young country lad who was engaged in pottery. “Banga” is the local name to a baked pot while “Amang” (father or old man) was the title given to a known pot maker in that place.

According to folktales, a Spanish officer was trying to familiarize himself with the place when he saw the father and son who were molding a pot. The officer asked the name of the barangay from the father but he was too busy to answer back. Instead of giving answer to his question, the lad shouted “Amang! Bangan!” which means to say that the boy is informing his father that what they were molding has already turned into a complete pot.

The Spanish officer having thought of his question answered, went home and reported the place he visited was “Amangbangan.”