Barangay Balayang

Land Area (in hectares.): 420
Population (as per NSO 2010) 1,341

Punong Barangay: JESSIE B. RACRAQUIN

Barangay Kagawads:
Rolando C. Echavari
Rosita A. Mendoza
Nestor B. Banogon
Genaro M. Tobias
Adonis B. Mendez
Peter B. Racraquin
Jose Jerry P. Maranion

Barangay Secretary: Virgilio C. Abarra
Barangay Treasurer: Nancelita D. Telan

Unrecorded stories of the origins of its name have two versions. One version says it came from a vine plant whose fruits were eaten by birds were called 'balbalayang-wawak’. Bird hunters from adjacent barangays used to say they hunt birds well at a place called 'kabalbalayangan' w/c was later shortened into 'balbalayang'.

The other version says it came from that of a seedy banana plant w/c grew differently from the rest of the fruit trees planted in the community. Its trunk was very big and a blood-red fluid comes out when it's cut. Highly superstitious folks shun away from cutting this plant and it grew so big. Soon, it was called 'balbalayang' w/c means not true.

It was in August 29, 1961 when the first Barangay elementary school was established in the place. It was during this period that “Balbalayang” became “Balayang.” The community unanimously agreed and instructed the pioneer teacher (Miss) Perpetua Camorongan that all reports and records pertaining to the school and the Barangay will bear the name “Balayang,” dropping the prefix “bal”.
For the proceeding years the Barangay has been officially recognized as “Barangay Balayang.”