Barangay Linmansangan

Land Area (in hectares.): 649
Population (as per NSO 2010) 1,368

Punong Barangay: ROGELIO D. REYES

Barangay Kagawads:
Napely R. Nacin
Judie B. Flores
Lyndon B. Bailio Sr.
Rosario Villar
Charlito D. Villanueva
Virgie B. Abarra
Elmer G. Ocampo

Barangay Secretary: Zenaida B. dela Cruz
Barangay Treasurer: Jessica V. Baillo

In the early days, this place was still a forested area of giant trees and wild animals.

The early inhabitants roam the vast plains and mountains and decided to dwell in a place where trees are not so abundant. One day, they were surprised for inside the forest they saw footprints leading to another adjacent forest. They followed these footprints and they were amazed to see a table made of stone and there sat a crippled old man, his one leg smaller than the other. Upon seeing them, he got afraid and disappeared from the place. A wise man eventually called the place “Linmansangan” which was derived from the limping man and from the numerous crossroads (lansangan) found in the forest.