Barangay Macatiw

Land Area (in hectares.): 342.70
Population (as per NSO 2010) 893

Punong Barangay: EDWIN B. DONA SR.

Barangay Kagawads:
Deo E. Soliven
Dante D. Ramos
Miguel G. Pamo
Roland G. Bautista
Freddie P. Balgua
Adelaida A. Bernas
Ocsonia D. Villaruz

Barangay Secretary: Alma O. Edrosolan
Barangay Treasurer: Mary Jean A. Victo

It is said that when the Spaniards arrived, there was a jumpy man called Vicente “Itiw.” Whenever he is called, he answered back saying: “Umay can Itiw” which means “Calm down Itiw.”

The phrase “umay can Itiw” has become an expression of the people living there. When the Spaniards have gone to Alos they reached this place where Vicente is living and heard the common expression of the people. So the Spaniards called and established this place “Macatiw.”