Barangay Mona

Land Area (in hectares.): 539.30
Population (as per NSO 2010) 1,849

Punong Barangay: ERNESTO G. CALPO

Barangay Kagawads:
Noel C. Santos
Bernardo R. Miranda
Dominador C. Mendez
Zenaida C. Bembo
Danilo E. Miranda
Evelina C. Pacionista
Jaime C. Santos

Barangay Secretary: Aurelia J. Sison
Barangay Treasurer: Linda R. Mendez

This place was once an uninhabited portion of land at the mouth of Tagoong (Alaminos) River, almost engulfing the Tambac Bay area. Barter trade was then prevalent in the country. It was later named after a couple who were also traders, Lolo Ramon and Lola Ramona who came from Vigan, Ilocos Sur. They drifted to this uninhabited land by a strong easterly wind and landed on the shores where they eventually settled. All their wares together with their vinta (a kind of sailboat) were then lost to the sea.

By the late 1800s, the barangay was merged with Barangays Baleyadaan and Cayucay, represented by a single tinyente del barrio. As a sitio, the people then live in peace and harmony, earning a living by fishing and agriculture. When Lolo Ramon and Lola Ramona passed away, the Barangay was then named in honor of them, and came to be known as Sitio Mona.

In 1968 the people of Sitio Mona rallied for their independence and represented themselves with an appointed kapitan del barrio and in 1970, it finally became in independent barangay.