Barangay San Jose

Land Area (in hectares.): 314.60
Population (as per NSO 2010) 1,771

Punong Barangay: LEO I. MAGNO

Barangay Kagawads:
Jarman L. Hussien
Marcelino D. Sison
Ronald M. Montemayor
Lilia O. Rastrollo
Danilo R. Mendez
Fernald S. de Guzman
Vilma R. Romero

Barangay Secretary: Cindy P. Serafica
Barangay Treasurer: Marie Paz V. Villena

It was named in honor of the patron Saint Joseph. Ninety percent [90%] of San Jose is covered by forest which was later cultivated into a rice field. Farming became a primary source of living. Half of Barangay San Jose is surrounded by a river which is ideal for agricultural production.