Barangay Tanaytay

Land Area (in hectares.): 77
Population (as per NSO 2010) 1,481

Punong Barangay: ROBERTO B. PASCUA

Barangay Kagawads:
Felomino D. Aquino
Manolo S. Olarte
Eliza O. Tugaden
Richard M. Rabago
Manuel F. Rabago
Nicomedes C. Clarito Jr.
Judith R. Rabago

Barangay Secretary: Lea D. Rabina
Barangay Treasurer: Gerarda A. Parilla

During the Spanish time, this place was known as the old cemetery of Alaminos. When an epidemic of cholera struck in this place, almost all the inhabitants died. So, Barangay Tanaytay was named after the Ilocano word “Natay” which means “dead.” Since then, all the people that passed through the cemetery called the place “Tanaytay.