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Alaminos Longanisa

Don't forget to bring home this most requested pasalubong. Taste the goodness of ground pork and garlic delectably mixed with spices and easily spotted with the signature toothpicks separating each longanisa.


Taste this famous "kakanin" made of colored layers of glutinous rice and coconut, ideal for dessert.


Enjoy this fresh,rich and mouthwatering seafood delicacy. Cook it grilled, boiled or eat it fresh, with just a dash of lemon or 'calamansi'.

Try this sticky rice cake cooked inside the bamboo tubes. This delectable treat is best paired with ripe mango, sugar or caramel.


Have a taste of the popular sticky, tasty treat wrapped in woven palm leaves and cooked in sugarcane juice.


Ocean-grown and fishpond-grown bangus in Alaminos are equally plump and juicy, giving a silent promise of delicious recipes. You can sample the many offerings in local restaurants and eateries, like the home goodness of sinigang and relyeno. Or try the bangus tinapa, bangus lumpia and the bangus embutido .

Shells and Craft

Stroll around the souvenir stalls. Shop for colorful little keepsakes, hanging lamps and other must-buy home decor made of shells or bamboo, t-shirts, and more to remember your great time at the islands and in the city.

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