Maternal Health Care provides Immunization, Pre-natal & Post-
natal care to women, cup feeding for newborns as well as seminars on Family Planning methods and proper breastfeeding.

Child Health Services provides immunization, Vitamin A, deworming tablets/syrup and screenings like TB skin testing & urinalysis for children.
Intensified Disease Prevention and Control. This includes the TB- DOTS program, in partnership with the Department of Health. The Case detection and cure rate is high in Alaminos City and deaths due to TB is declining since 2009.

The City Health Office also provides therapeutic feeding for leprosy patients.
Dental Care. This section provides oral health and oral hygiene services to the community. Among the dental care services include dental filling and cleaning and dental extraction.

The city also conducts regular Medical and Dental Missions.

This section implements projects that aims to correct the protein energy malnutrition among pre-school and school children.

The city implements a Supplemental Feeding Program and cooking demo for mothers in communities. It also conducts therapeutic feeding for extremely malnourished children .

The city also ensures the implementation of RA 8172 or An Act for Salt Iodization Nationwide (ASIN) .

The City Health Office, in partnership with PMS-Western Pangasinan Chapter, encourages citizens to live a healthy lifestyle and participate in exercises like Zumba dancing, lecture forums on healthy lifestyle and avail of services like bone scanning.

The City Health Office conducts lectures on women's health with Fellow Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (FPOGS) and on Cervical Cancer with Brave Heart. Women are also encouraged to avail of smear screenings and to practice good hygiene to ward of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like AIDS.

The City Health Office has two (2) laboratories:
Clinical Laboratory. This conducts microscopy, (urinalysis, fecalysis, pregnancy test) , microbiology (gram staining, sputum microscopy) serology (hepatitis B screening, blood typing) , hematogy (complete blood count, hemoglobin test, clotting/bleeding time) and blood chemistry (fasting blood sugar, cholesterol, uric acid, blood urea nitrogen and creatinine).

Drug Testing Laboratory.

This section conducts regular activities like Clean-up & sanitation to prevent dengue, vermin control and prevention, and Water testing and disinfection. It is also in charge of the issuance of Health Certificates and Sanitary Permits. It conducts regular inspection of establishments as per the Sanitation Code of the Philippines.


The city maximized its mobilization to communicate the various health programs and projects available to its constituents. The regular lecture forums and barangay talks aim to increase awareness on health education and maintain zero mortality rate from dengue and rabies and reduce the incidence of most major diseases in the city.

Alaminos City Birthing Facility

The City Health Office also strongly advocates and supports the national government's thrust to reduce the maternal mortality rate (MMR) from pregnancy-related causes and delivering babies at home.

With the construction of the Alaminos City Birthing Facility, mothers will soon be able to receive the pre-natal and post-natal care. Skilled health personnel will assist normal deliveries and provide care for newborn babies. The project, envisioned to be the biggest of its kind in Western Pangasinan, is currently being fast-tracked and will prioritize its accreditation from PhilHealth upon its completion.

Capacity Building

The city invests on a range of trainings to enhance the capacity of health workers to tackle health issues and inequalities, widen the coverage of health care and raise awareness and participation in health-related advocacies in the barangays.

Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Training. Barangay Health Worker Presidents, local officials, Barangay Nutrition Scholars and parent leaders participated in a 5-day training-seminar that aims to promote good nutrition especially among infants and lactating mothers.

Food Preparation for Disaster Preparedness. The City Health Office conducted this training for barangay officials, barangay health workers and barangay nutrition scholars. This is to ensure preparedness of all concerned officials in times of calamities through provision of nutritious menu to constituents that will be affected and will be staying in evacuation centers.

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