Message of City Vice Mayor Jan Marionne R. Fontelera

VICE MAYOR JAN MARIONE R. FONTELERA We, the members of the 2022-2025 Sangguniang Panlungsod, are thankful to the Good Lord every day for the opportunity to serve our beloved hometown. With His guidance, we were led to the portals of public service, and as your humble servants, we heed the call to serve with compassion, integrity and commitment.

We are a new set of local legislators; nonetheless, we are definitely not new to public service. We have several councilors who have been deemed by the people to be worthy to continue their service, hence were reelected. And we have some first-time councilors who come from families of public servants. When we took our oath, we vowed to pursue a path of development for our city that is anchored on our Vision 2030.

The people of the City of Alaminos are instrumental to our anointment to the Sanggunian. We pledge to live by the maxim “A public office is a public trust.” As you entrusted us with the power to craft legislative measures, we assure you that we shall religiously perform this noble office with the well-being of Alaminians in mind. And we will do so in a manner that is responsive, prompt and appropriate to our times. Together, we pledge to work hand-in-hand with you, our constituents and fellow stakeholders, as we accomplish our development goals and priorities.

We honor the legacy of former City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio Miguel Y. Perez, who had consciously raised the quality of local legislative services. He strengthened the unity and collaborative work between the Legislative and Executive Departments toward the delivery of genuine public service—with the end goal of uplifting the lives of Alaminians. This is a work in progress and we vow to continue this initiative and to further add value to our services.

We will not reinvent the wheel, but we will make sure that the road will be much smoother for the wheels of development. We will look into expediting the enhancement of e-Legislation to continue the delivery of quality legislative services and make sure that our local laws and policies are up-to-date and that these respond to the needs of the times.

I, myself, will continue my personal advocacies in the health sector, and push for the well-being of practitioners in health and medical services and our frontline workers. This is truly important and urgent, as we have experienced during the pandemic—we need to recognize their important contribution in the battle against life-threatening and infectious diseases and boost their morale because they are safekeepers of our lives and health. We will also look into the education sector and see how we can keep up with the increasing demands on our pupils and students—we will increase scholarships, increase support for mental health initiatives, increase support for sports development. We intend to boost investments in the city and seek more ways to draw local and international tourists to help boost our economy. We will improve tax collection because this is where we derive funds for the city’s programs and services—more income will redound to the benefit of our people.

The next three years will be very exciting, enlightening and meaningful to our lives as local legislators. But beyond what we do, we hope to have a fruitful engagement with you, because you are the reason for our stay in the Sanggunian. We are your representatives and it is your voice that we need to carry as we perform our duties and functions as lawmakers of the city. We commit to a transparent legislative process, so we invite you to take part in this important task. There are various platforms available to you—through our official social media pages, through email, or better yet, come visit us in our offices and observe or take part in our SP sessions, committee or public hearings. Let us both take advantage of this dynamic, collaborative process, so that our ordinances and resolutions are truly responsive to our lives as citizens of the City of Alaminos.

Again, thank you for your trust and confidence, and we hope to see you in our future undertakings.

Mabuhay po ang Lungsod ng Alaminos!